Needak Rebounder + (Bonus Pack!)

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Needak Rebounder + (Bonus Pack!)

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Needak Rebounder

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Regular Price: $345.00

Special Price $280.00



FREE Bonus Items 

The following bonus items are included with every purchase of a needak rebounder at no add additional charge.

  • Free Bounce Before You Jump DVD ($19.95 Value)
  • Free Immune System DVD ($19.95 Value)
  • Free Spring Lube Pack ($2.49 Value)
  • Article: "Total Health" by Dr. Tina Wellman

The Needak Rebounder is the number one selling rebounder in the world and the Needak soft bounce rebounder is needaks most popular model. This rebounder is made 100% in the USA and is practically indestructible.

If you have room in your home to leave your rebounder set up then the non-folding model is the best choice for you. If you would prefer to have the flexibility of being able to fold your rebounder in half for storage under a couch or in a closet than you will want to purchase the folding model.

You can get this rebounder in the standard black or you can order it in blue. The blue version is sometimes referred to as the “Platinum” model however other than color there is no difference between the two models. 


Height: 10 Inches
Diameter: 40 Inches
Capacity: 300 pounds
Weight: 25 pounds



The Needak Rebounder comes factory direct and is covered by a lifetime warranty on the Frame, Hinges, platform pins and leg tubes. It also comes with a 5 year warrantee on the mat cleats and a 2 year warrantee on the springs and safety spring cover.

Read more about rebounding:

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Use in the Olympic Games

* We sell the newest model rebounder available in 2015. This model was actually released in 2010 and is the newest needak rebounder available on the market today. The new design no longer requires a spring cover which makes for a much cleaner look, however if you would like to order a spring cover they are still available for purchase under accessories section.

Customer Reviews 11 item(s)

After spending thousands of dollars on Elliptical and treadmill I came across the rebounder while doing a search for cellulite reduction. I have four weeks to tone up before a trip to the Bahamas. We set this up right in the middle of our family room and my husband and I are doing four 10 minute sessions throughout the day. This is virtually painless and takes very little effort to get on for 10 minutes. I will slowly increase to 15 minute sessons and in the book that came with it it says to slowly work your way into it because if you over-do it your toxins will be released too quickly. Something about jumping up and down that actually detoxifies the cells. Even though we have only had it a week, both of us can notice a big difference in the tone of our bodies already! If you are a person that does not like to exercise then this little inexpensive (compared to all the other stuff) is a Godsend. It's FUN and IT WORKS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!!!!
It is QUALITY no doubt. We got the folding one so we could take it with us to our cabin. It comes with a nice carrier that has a strap. It is quite heavy! It isn't that big of a deal to set it up, especially with two people. It also came with a book that is quite motivating, and a dvd that gets into the scientific effect that rebounding has on the cells. Very informative and motivating! There is a story in the book about an elderly lady with cataracts that started using the rebounder and her cataracts went away. She had also suffered with an inner ear "imbalance" condition that was cured as well.
If you do some research on what rebounding does to the cells in your body you will be convinced that this very well could be the ticket to the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! I am excited to see how I will feel in a couple of months since I am seeing results this quickly. Keeping your "bum" tight and pushing off with your toes 100 times will tighten your whole back side. Great for shaping up those calves to. Ladies if you want sexy legs the fun way, get yourself one of these, put on some rockin' music and go to town! I would recommend this rebounder to ANYONE and especially for those of you who want to nail that ugly cellulite and lose weight!
This was shipped the day I ordered it and it came in about five days. BRAVO!!
I'm writing this update to hopefully keep some of you people that buy this from making the same mistake I did. I hadn't used this for quite some time, and I got on it and jumped for 45 minutes. I'm 52 and not in the best of shape, but I should think this would apply to anyone regardless of what shape you're in. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT SAY BUILD YOUR TIME UP GRADUALLY!!! The contractions on my spine from jumping up and down for too long too fast have left me with a very sore burning spine. GRADUAL is the key here...especially if you're out of shape. It didn't start getting REAL sore until the third day. Now I have to wait for it to heal before getting on the Needak again. Don't do what I did. It's a fantastic piece of equipment but just be careful!
Review by Mona Lisa (M.W.) / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Don't waste your money on inferior models
I bought my Needak rebounder six weeks ago. The reviews I read on this site heavily influenced my decision, so I want to reaffirm the quality of this product. I did a lot of online research on rebounders. This is the only model that filled every need I had: excellent warranty, weight limit of 300 pounds (so all family members could use it), 5-star reviews affirming the quality of the model. I bought my model on an auction site with a buy-it-now feature because the shipping was lower than Amazon. You won't find a new model any cheaper because Needak controls the price, so finding the best deal on shipping is all you can do. The model I bought is round with collapsible legs (no assembly whatsoever) which snap tightly into place, either flat or extended. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET PAYING FOR THE QUALITY OF THIS MODEL. Now for my personal testimony: I'm a 43-year-old woman with 28% body fat. I haven't exercised regularly because I get bored. Bouncing on the rebounder is still fun after six weeks, which surprises me. I have had nagging left hip pain for a couple years. After using the rebounder for six days I noticed that my hip pain was gone. The only time it has come back is when I go for more than four days without exercising on the rebounder. My typical workout is alternating jumping jacks (for upper torso workout) and jogging in place (adjusting knee lift for intensity). I get a cardio workout and break a light sweat without joint pain. The books that come with the Needak rebounder give a lot of good information about the benefits of rebounding (some a little radical to swallow, but take it with a grain of salt.) I have to admit that the basic benefits touted in the books are true, and I feel a sense of wellness that I have not achieved with other exercise methods.
Review by Patricia J. Fix / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
great product. i love it soo much.
also they have a really fast delivery.
Review by B.R. / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
I recently purchased the Needak rebounder soft-bounce model with the stabilizer bar and am very happy with the product. I used to have an older model, let’s say an antique that we used to call a mini trampoline back in my youth, and the difference is amazing. The comfort level when using the rebounder is so much better than the old one, you feel like you are bouncing on air.

I have seen other models that were priced cheaper, but the quality was not the same, I am very glad I held out and replaced my old bouncer with the rebounder, it may have cost a little more but it is well worth the extra price.
Review by Todd Green / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Rebounding Rules!
This has got to be one of the best if not the best forms of low impact exercise there is! I too have had "Wallmart" rebounders, and this is the Rolls Royce of rebounders! I have the folder which is so easy to store out of the way, but I leave it set up because I love bouncing!
Review by Greg / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
I love it!
I really love my needak rebounder! It makes exercising easy and fun. In the first couple month using it already lost 6 pounds and increase muscle.
Thanks needakusa for the fast shipping and amazing customer service!
Review by Marina / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Needak Rebounder is Awesome
I’ve owned three of the higher end rebounders including the Bellicon, ReboundAIR and now the needak. The needak rebounder is my favorite. Its bounce is soft but not TOO soft like the Bellicon to the point where it was hard to work out on it. The quality of construction is excellent and the price is right.
Review by Leslie S.H. / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Amazing product!
I had a little bit have trouble initially deciding where to place my order because of all of the "needak" sites that come up when you search for this rebounder. After doing some research it turns out that this is the official needak site and the place to order your rebounder from if you want to order direct from the manufacturer (which was important to me). Shipping was very fast and the product is great. I've been using it every day for about two weeks now and already notice a difference in my overall energy level. highly recommended
Review by Chris / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Excellent rebounder
I've been shopping for a rebounder for a few months and after doing lots of research and reading a lot of reviews decided to go with the needak rebounder. I have to say I am very happy with my purchase. The rebounder is very well built and there customer service was excellent.
Review by Lawren / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Needak is the BEST, period, the end!
I've had my Needak rebounder now for six years and there is no better one on the market.

I started with the cheap kind from a sporting goods store and after 7-8 weeks the mat split, so I returned it to have it replaced. The second one lasted about the same amount of time when the webbing, holding the metal hook that connected to the spring, came unstitched and I had to return that one too. I got another one and it lasted only six weeks as the mat split (again). Frustrated, but really enjoying the exercise of rebounding, the manager of the sporting goods store was actually quite candid as asked how much I was rebounding a week... I was doing about 40 minutes six days a week (still am). He suggested I get a professional model and even mentioned the name Needak.

I then did lots of research online and ended up buying a Needak brand "soft bounce" rebounder (folding model)... while it was a bit more $$ than other brands, the fact that it was/is made in the USA and had only positive reviews, I went with it. The difference is night and day! I felt as though I was now bouncing on the Cadillac of rebounders versus the economy clunker. I cannot say enough positive things about it! Even when the covering for the springs lost its elasticity after a year, Needak replaced it right away, no problem. I also got a carrying case for my "huge calzone" and that made taking it places so much easier.

As for those people who think a rebounder is bad if the springs break, they are misinformed. If one uses the rebounder regularly, the springs will eventually give out... but that's a good thing because that means you're USING the rebounder often! I bought a six-pack replacement spring package and they lasted me five years. I couple months ago, I had to buy another six-pack replacement spring package... I still have five springs left!

I still rebound about five or six days a week, 45 minutes each time I do it. My health is better than ever (I haven't had the flu since 1997 and can't remember when I last had a cold). My weight is down and I look 10 years younger than my actual age. I HIGHLY recommend the Needak "soft bounce" rebounder.
Review by Nan D / (Posted on 2/23/2016)
Needak rocks
Best rebounder on the market hands down!
Review by JB / (Posted on 2/15/2016)

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