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Needak Rebounder + (Bonus Pack!)

Product Review (submitted on February 23, 2016):
I bought my Needak rebounder six weeks ago. The reviews I read on this site heavily influenced my decision, so I want to reaffirm the quality of this product. I did a lot of online research on rebounders. This is the only model that filled every need I had: excellent warranty, weight limit of 300 pounds (so all family members could use it), 5-star reviews affirming the quality of the model. I bought my model on an auction site with a buy-it-now feature because the shipping was lower than Amazon. You won't find a new model any cheaper because Needak controls the price, so finding the best deal on shipping is all you can do. The model I bought is round with collapsible legs (no assembly whatsoever) which snap tightly into place, either flat or extended. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET PAYING FOR THE QUALITY OF THIS MODEL. Now for my personal testimony: I'm a 43-year-old woman with 28% body fat. I haven't exercised regularly because I get bored. Bouncing on the rebounder is still fun after six weeks, which surprises me. I have had nagging left hip pain for a couple years. After using the rebounder for six days I noticed that my hip pain was gone. The only time it has come back is when I go for more than four days without exercising on the rebounder. My typical workout is alternating jumping jacks (for upper torso workout) and jogging in place (adjusting knee lift for intensity). I get a cardio workout and break a light sweat without joint pain. The books that come with the Needak rebounder give a lot of good information about the benefits of rebounding (some a little radical to swallow, but take it with a grain of salt.) I have to admit that the basic benefits touted in the books are true, and I feel a sense of wellness that I have not achieved with other exercise methods.