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Needak Rebounder + (Bonus Pack!)

Product Review (submitted on February 23, 2016):
After spending thousands of dollars on Elliptical and treadmill I came across the rebounder while doing a search for cellulite reduction. I have four weeks to tone up before a trip to the Bahamas. We set this up right in the middle of our family room and my husband and I are doing four 10 minute sessions throughout the day. This is virtually painless and takes very little effort to get on for 10 minutes. I will slowly increase to 15 minute sessons and in the book that came with it it says to slowly work your way into it because if you over-do it your toxins will be released too quickly. Something about jumping up and down that actually detoxifies the cells. Even though we have only had it a week, both of us can notice a big difference in the tone of our bodies already! If you are a person that does not like to exercise then this little inexpensive (compared to all the other stuff) is a Godsend. It's FUN and IT WORKS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!!!!
It is QUALITY no doubt. We got the folding one so we could take it with us to our cabin. It comes with a nice carrier that has a strap. It is quite heavy! It isn't that big of a deal to set it up, especially with two people. It also came with a book that is quite motivating, and a dvd that gets into the scientific effect that rebounding has on the cells. Very informative and motivating! There is a story in the book about an elderly lady with cataracts that started using the rebounder and her cataracts went away. She had also suffered with an inner ear "imbalance" condition that was cured as well.
If you do some research on what rebounding does to the cells in your body you will be convinced that this very well could be the ticket to the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! I am excited to see how I will feel in a couple of months since I am seeing results this quickly. Keeping your "bum" tight and pushing off with your toes 100 times will tighten your whole back side. Great for shaping up those calves to. Ladies if you want sexy legs the fun way, get yourself one of these, put on some rockin' music and go to town! I would recommend this rebounder to ANYONE and especially for those of you who want to nail that ugly cellulite and lose weight!
This was shipped the day I ordered it and it came in about five days. BRAVO!!
I'm writing this update to hopefully keep some of you people that buy this from making the same mistake I did. I hadn't used this for quite some time, and I got on it and jumped for 45 minutes. I'm 52 and not in the best of shape, but I should think this would apply to anyone regardless of what shape you're in. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT SAY BUILD YOUR TIME UP GRADUALLY!!! The contractions on my spine from jumping up and down for too long too fast have left me with a very sore burning spine. GRADUAL is the key here...especially if you're out of shape. It didn't start getting REAL sore until the third day. Now I have to wait for it to heal before getting on the Needak again. Don't do what I did. It's a fantastic piece of equipment but just be careful!