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Needak Rebounder + (Bonus Pack!)

Product Review (submitted on February 23, 2016):
I've had my Needak rebounder now for six years and there is no better one on the market.

I started with the cheap kind from a sporting goods store and after 7-8 weeks the mat split, so I returned it to have it replaced. The second one lasted about the same amount of time when the webbing, holding the metal hook that connected to the spring, came unstitched and I had to return that one too. I got another one and it lasted only six weeks as the mat split (again). Frustrated, but really enjoying the exercise of rebounding, the manager of the sporting goods store was actually quite candid as asked how much I was rebounding a week... I was doing about 40 minutes six days a week (still am). He suggested I get a professional model and even mentioned the name Needak.

I then did lots of research online and ended up buying a Needak brand "soft bounce" rebounder (folding model)... while it was a bit more $$ than other brands, the fact that it was/is made in the USA and had only positive reviews, I went with it. The difference is night and day! I felt as though I was now bouncing on the Cadillac of rebounders versus the economy clunker. I cannot say enough positive things about it! Even when the covering for the springs lost its elasticity after a year, Needak replaced it right away, no problem. I also got a carrying case for my "huge calzone" and that made taking it places so much easier.

As for those people who think a rebounder is bad if the springs break, they are misinformed. If one uses the rebounder regularly, the springs will eventually give out... but that's a good thing because that means you're USING the rebounder often! I bought a six-pack replacement spring package and they lasted me five years. I couple months ago, I had to buy another six-pack replacement spring package... I still have five springs left!

I still rebound about five or six days a week, 45 minutes each time I do it. My health is better than ever (I haven't had the flu since 1997 and can't remember when I last had a cold). My weight is down and I look 10 years younger than my actual age. I HIGHLY recommend the Needak "soft bounce" rebounder.